Experiences with TL-WN722N

I bought TP-Link's TL-WN722N as an additional network adapter to use along with my laptop's built-in Intel-based network adapter.

The idea was to provide a second network (via an access point) for computers within my vicinity to connect to, in order to establish a home-grown private cloud for an academic project, but as with anything Realtek, things didn't go as planned.

After plugging in the Realtek-based adapter, the device was instantly recognized and lsusb was able to list it, the appropriate driver1, i.e. r8188eu was automatically loaded, and ip showed an entry for it. iwd on the other hand just wouldn't list it.

I found mentions that some were able to get this device to work by using wpa_supplicant instead of iwd, but I am not ripping out my network stack for another just to get a network adapter to hopefully work.

iwd and systemd-networkd have been, in my experience, the most reliable combination for network management and wireless connectivity – I'm certainly not throwing that away because of Realtek.

The bottom line is that Realtek produces garbage - and you really don't deserve that.

Update: I managed to create my network by setting up a software access point with hostapd (without touching my existing network stack). I'll talk about this process in a future post.



There exists an out-of-tree driver which is supposed to provide a better experience than that of the in-tree driver, but that wasn't the case for me.