Nimbus appreciation post

Emacs' theming community is by no means large, but that has never taken away from the diversity nor the quality of their themes.

Nimbus, or more formally nimbus-theme, is a theme authored by Marcin Swieczkowski and originally inspired by Ample. I would like to take you on a brief visual journey - to highlight the aesthetics of this theme and display it in all of its glory.

Programming in Elisp, writing in Org and managing an agenda

I know, it's beautiful.

I'm neither an expert in color nor in visual design, but these colors are captivating to me. Something about the aesthetic screams: "Psst – hey buddy… Come get some some work done, your text editor misses you".

I don't have a personal preference for the level of contrast a theme chooses to adopt throughout its colors – I just mostly go by "feel". Themes, in my opinion, have to be intuitively beautiful and that's exactly how I feel about Nimbus.

Composing email and the mu4e interface

You know, I could look at this all day long… and even more so at night!

In case you were wondering, ERC looks magnificent with Nimbus.

Chatting on IRC using ERC

Show's over!

If you like what you see, head over to the project's repository - it'll tell you how you can install and enable the theme on your own machine.